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Translator’s Dementia (TD) – What It Is and How To Recognize the Signs

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Translator’s dementia (TD, dementia translatoris) is a relatively recent neurodegenerative disorder, believed to be caused by the environment in which freelance translators are forced to live, and by the conditions under which they have to perform various tasks required in their solitary occupation.

A typical freelance translator works in a “home office”, which is usually located in a hot and dusty attic, in a converted garage, or in a cold, damp and dark basement because s/he cannot really afford a sunny room with a view on blue ocean in a gorgeous house, which does not help things much. True, some translators have one or several additional rooms in their apartment or house, but those are usually occupied by family members who obviously need a healthier living environment than a mere translator. However, partly as a result of their stressful occupation, many if not most translators have no family, which again…

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L’atelier de traduction : “bonne année” en LSF –

Reading this post, I was wondering how do you say “Happy New Year” with signs in other languages. I guess I’m gonna make some research and make a post about it.

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Twelve new courses in November

I want to do the Comparative Media Studies!!!! ^_^

Open Matters

Illustration of the steps of a sleight-of-hand magic trick. The new OCW course MAS.S66 Indistinguishable From… Magic as Interface, Technology, and Tradition combines theatrical illusion, game design, sleight of hand, machine learning, camouflage, and neuroscience to explore how ideas from ancient magic and modern stage illusion can inform cutting edge technology. (Image courtesy of the Crossett Library on Flickr. License CC BY-NC-SA.)

During the month of November, OCW published twelve more courses. It may seem like magic, but rest assured they’re all real and ready for your learning enjoyment.

Disciplines from all five of MIT’s schools are represented, and the instructional level ranges from introductory undergraduate to advanced graduate seminars.  Nine are brand-new subjects on OCW, while three are updates of previously published courses.

New Courses

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Work/life balance advice for beginners: pace yourself

I really need to stop working on weekends and start doing workouts instead. I’ll try to pace myself to not burn out.

Thoughts On Translation

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been enjoying hosting In the Balance (video series on work-life balance). It’s a topic I think about a lot, probably not least of all because I live in a “lifestyle town” (an expression that I learned only recently!) where prioritizing one’s non-work interests is very much the norm.

Today, a student in my class for beginning translators asked an interesting question: how would this advice apply (or not apply) to beginning freelancers, who want to have time to sleep, exercise, etc. outside of work, but who also need to actively build up their businesses.

Here’s the two-word answer: pace yourself. The advice that applies to experienced translators applies a little differently to you, but the goal is the same: don’t burn out, and let yourself enjoy some of the “free” in freelancing. Here’s what I mean: for experienced translators, work-life balance is…

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Faux ami du jour : #bégueule et non pas #bagel

Il faut pas confondre!!!

La Compagnie Affable

Michelle Pfeiffer Dangerous Liaisons Stephen Frears 1988Bégueule est un substantif (habituellement) féminin qui s’emploie aussi comme adjectif. Il désigne une personne d’une pruderie excessive et/ou affectée. C’est donc tout le contraire du bagel, qui exhibe son trou avec l’impudeur d’une starlette façon porn food.

Le mot vient du vieux français béer et s’employait à l’origine pour parler de filles sottes ne comprenant rien à rien et passant leur temps la “bouche bée”. D’où bégueule. Puis, son sens a dérivé pour caractériser les pudibondes (+5 au Scrabble), les puritains et les faux parangons (+10…) de vertu dans le genre Tartuffe; puis, plus récemment, les gens qui font la fine bouche.

Eh bien, voyez comme vous avez eu tort de faire la bégueule ! Car les trois cent mille francs que vous avez noblement refusés sont dans l’escarcelle d’une autre. (Balzac, La Cousine Bette)

bagel burgerPour ceux qui se le demandent, porn food (littéralement “nourriture porno”) est une…

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8 Ways to Recover From a Book Slump

Eleventh Stack

I’m emerging – slowly – from that horrible affliction known to avid readers everywhere as …

The Book Slump.

You’ve probably been there, too, in some form or another.

It’s the reader’s version of an endless streak of gray, gloomy days in February. You have hundreds, if not (ahem) thousands of books on your “want-to-read” list, and yet nothing strikes your fancy. You may work in a library with a collection of five million items, yet you’re overwhelmed at the notion of choosing one book to read. Or, maybe you’re staring at an overflowing coffee table or nightstand with no less than your library’s maximum number of books that can be checked out and nothing is grabbing your attention.

Story of my life for the past few weeks and then some.

So, what can a reader do when The Book Slump strikes? Allow me to share some of my tried-and-true…

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